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Mermaid Christmas card

Merenneidon joulukortti on saapunut! Mimi ja hänen lemmikkinsä, pieni mustekala Rae, toivottavat sinulle hyvää joulua koristellun korallipuun alta. Korttia voi tilata Holvi-kaupastamme. Read More

Mermaid Christmas card

The Mermaid Christmas card has arrived! Mimi and her little pet octopus Rae are wishing you a very Merry Christmas from under a decorated coral tree. The card can be bought at our... Read More

Meet my friend the Dancing Bear

  Dancing Bear from the Sticker Book Karhu ja Kettu. I will post a link to the sticker book when it is ready from the printers. Here is the cover: Read More

Mermaids and forest life

Milla Mermaid with friends are to be seen at the Kirjaverstas book shop at Teurastamo, Helsinki 5.9.–30.9.2017.   Kirjaverstas Teurastamo 4 Työpajankatu 2 R 4 00580 Helsinki Read More

Milla Mermaid Sticker -iMessage pack update

A free update to Milla Mermaid Stickers in the iTunes Store https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d55ygpmsFrM&loop=0 I have updated the Milla Mermaid Sticker -pack and added one animated sticker! The pack is free, be sure to download... Read More