What are mermaids?

What is a Mermaid? Did you every wonder where the stories about mermaids come from? The Mermaidsworld website offers an interesting history of mermaids: A mermaid is a mythical sea creature with a woman’s head and upper body and a fish’s tail. Mermaids were natural beings with magical and prophetic powers in European mythology, similar to fairies. It is said … Read More

Mermaids at the Finnish Natural History museum

My mermaids were on show at the Finnish Natural History Museum in Helsinki in the spring of 2017. The images can also be purchased as prints from Zazzle or Society6. Mermaid with a water lily crown by MermaidShop Mermaids having a picnic with a Norppa seal and her baby by MermaidShop A little mermaid sleeping inside a seashell by MermaidShop Mermaids … Read More

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