Gifts for a baby

Here I have gathered some products from my original illustrations that would make wonderful gifts for a baby. First is a baby blanket with Bear and Fox kayaking on wild forest river, under the full moon. You can order this blanket here. I ordered this myself and I know that the printing is very good and this is a great product.

Bear and Fox illustrated baby blanket
Bear and Fox illustrated baby blanket

This little blue baby pacifier would be a great gift also for a baby boy, as I am sure the mother would love a cute mermaid design. I personally don’t think there should be a difference in gifts suitable for a boy or a girl, but I do realize that many want to take into consideration what is usually considerer a good gift for a little boy or a little girl, when choosing a present. You can order this pacifier at Zazzle here.

Blue mermaid baby pacifier

This blue duck bag with the same mermaid bubble kiss illustration would go well with the pacifier, if you want to make a bigger gift. You can order it from Zazzle here.

Blue mermaid bubble kiss illustration bag

This bodysuit with the Bubble kiss mermaid is also very sweet. At Zazzle, you can edit the products and customize the, for instance add the baby’s name on the product! The bodysuit can be ordered here.



Bubble kiss mermaid body suit for baby


This yawning little mermaid is very sween on the Zazzle pacifier, you can order it here.

Mermaid yawn baby pacifier

The yawning mermaid is pictured here on a white baby bib. The reverse side has the illustration with the background, and can be ordered at Zazzle here. I think a great idea would be to add the baby’s name on the front, beside the mermaid!

Yawning mermaid double sided baby bib

Last item on my list is the yawning mermaid on a water bottle. The bottle is of great Sigg quality and something you will always need to carry with you with a baby or toddler. You may order it from Zazzle here.


Yawning mermaid illustration water bottle