Mermaid shopping: Shower curtains

Here are my favorite most beautiful shower curtains for mermaids from the Society6 web shop:

Crash into me

“Crash into me” is a beautiful shower curtain by the artist Leah Flores at Society6. A more tranquille beach view would be her model “Ocean pastel” or “Beach by Ally Coxon (underneath). “Oregon Coast” is a wonderful image, also by Leah Flores.

Ocean pastel
Oregon Coast shower curtain by Leah Flores at Society6
Oregon Coast
Beach by Ally Coxon

“Beach”  is a dreamy and wonderful shower curtain by Ally Coxon and it would make a perfect gift for any mermaid!

Lapland snow

“Lapland snow” shower curtain by Philippe Trochu at Society6 is wonderful for an arctic mermaid like myself.

Deep Sea Fish

Here is two of my own designs, “Deep Sea Fish” and “Suomu Blue” (below), with a little mermaid. I ordered the “Suomu Blue” model for myself and it really looks very nice. The quality of the polyester fabric is very good and the printing is just perfect. While taking a bath, I can see the little mermaid through the fabric, and her happy face makes me smile.

Suomu Blue
Suomu Blue Shower Curtain in a real home
The Suomu curtain in my home