Mermaids preserving sealife and tending to a whale

Here is a sneak peek of my coming “Mermaids and life underwater” exhibition. In this picture three mermaids are tending to a whale, scrubbing it’s thick skin and collecting plastic bags that pollute the whale’s surroundings. The image is one of a series of 12, and they will be portrayed as 50 x 70 cm posters in the Natural History … Read More

Mermaid shopping: Shower curtains

Here are my favorite most beautiful shower curtains for mermaids from the Society6 web shop: “Crash into me” is a beautiful shower curtain by the artist Leah Flores at Society6. A more tranquille beach view would be her model “Ocean pastel” or “Beach by Ally Coxon (underneath). “Oregon Coast” is a wonderful image, also by Leah Flores. “Beach”  is a … Read More

The Mermaid Sticker book is here!

The Mermaid Sticker book is here! 24 for pages and over 600 stickers on 10 sticker pages! The book tells a little story of the life of mermaids, and gives tasks how to use the stickers, but they are designed in such a way, that they can be attached to any page, according to your taste. This book is suitable … Read More