New greeting cards for the winter holidays

I have made some new greeting cards for the coming winter holiday season.You can order these cards at Zazzle, and I will also have them printed soon.


The first is a deer jumping over a fluffy little bunny in a frosty forest. The deer looks like the ones I have around my cottage, and all the animals and plants in these cards are something you would have seen here also in older days. Lily of the valley (the little white bell flowers) is one of the first flowers of spring, but they were also brought to bloom indoors specially for Christmas. I like the little promise of spring they give.

Deer jumping over bunny postcard

Here is the back side of the card in a folded form. This card can be bought at Zazzle as a single one page card here, or a folded double card .

Deer postcard back cover


The second one is of a fox mother walking with her baby under a small snowfall. Maybe they are coming from under a tree and the snow is falling from the branches.


This card would be suitable for many occasions, and also for Christmas. I wanted to create the winter holiday feeling without using any of the most typical Christmas symbols, and sticking to anything that could actually be found here in Finnish nature.

Fox mother and baby postcard

The fox postcard can be ordered as a single at Zazzle here, or as a double like the one in the picture, here.


Then I wanted to make some new Nordic folklore and so I created these wreaths. They both picture little gray and red bird, a bullfinch and a Lumikko -weasel in his white winter fur. The plants are rowan berries, lingon berries, Marja-aronia (chokeberry?), lily of the valley, and a Christmas rose (Jouluruusu), which is a traditional winter flower. There is also two pine tree cones and some spruce tree leaves in the backround.


Here is a link to buy the blue one as a single, and here as a double.

Blue winter wreath postcard

On these cards you can write your own greeting on the cover, or leave it as it is. I think these cards would look wonderful with the text in white or silver marker, for instance.


The other one is with a red background, you can buy the red wreath postcard as a single here, and as a double here.

Red winter wreath postcard